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Nicole, Patrick, Chandra and Mike, Shaun, Joanie and I, and Natalie
We got off to a late start taking pictures at the Church.  Seems the flowers were delivered and put in the Brides 'ready room' but no one knew they were there.  After finding them, we had to shuffle and hustle to get some of the pictures taken before the ceremony.  Not all of the planned pictures got taken - but here's the one's I have. 

These pictures came from several sources - Some from Rob Loos, some from Vicky Diaz and some from Chandra Griffin.
Shaun with his Mom's side of the family.... Wade, Leah, Kevin, Susannah, Aaron, Patrick, Natalie, Roger, Shaun, Joanie, Nicole, Mike, Mom, Pat, Eve, Debbi and Mark
Shaun with his Dad's side of the family.... Doc, Betty, Colt, Barbara, Patrick, Natalie, Chandra, Shaun, Nicloe, Mike, Margaret
Shaun's Groomsmen... Dustin, Mark Heisler, Patrick, Shaun, Mark Hammond, Mark Sweeny and Josh.
Shaun with Mike and Chandra
Shaun with Chandra, Mike, Joanie and Roger
June and Cindy Heisler with Mike
June Heisler with Mark and Ryan
Mark Heisler, June Heisler, Becca Diaz and Ryan Mattingly
Mike Griffin and John Steward
Mark Hammond and Josh Talbet with Nicole
Jane (The Maid of Honor) with Melissa (And Ryan Mattingly in the foreground)
Rob and Clare
Clare and Diana
Roger and Joanie
The pictures below were taken during the Wedding Ceremony.   Pretty much all were taken from video recorded on our digital movie camera by the wedding planner's husband - Greg Gunkel.  Thanks Greg (By the way - nice singing at the Reception too!)
Debi and Greg Mattingly
Shaun and his best man (Patrick) - Shaun just saw Kelly for the first time today.
Debi Mattingly walking her daughter Kelly up the aisle
Debi and Kelly going up the aisle
Bridesmaids: Cindy Heisler, Nicole and Natalie Griffin, Melissa Williams
Suzannah - the Flower Girl
Greg Mattingly's brother - doing the first reading... 
Shaun's aunt - Debbi Stryk doing the second reading
Fr. Belisch giving the sermon
The Groomsmen: Mark Heisler, Dustin Rudisill, Josh Talbet, Mark Hammond, Mark Sweeney, and Ryan Mattingly
Shaun and Kelly pronouced Man and Wife
Patrick getting the Holy Water
Kelly and Shaun preparing to light the Unity Candle
Kelly and Shaun lighting the Unity Candle
Shaun and Kelly receive the Blessing
Shaun gives Kelly a little kiss
Joanie and Sr. Jane Meyer - Eucharistic Ministers
Shaun and Kelly
Kelly and Shaun giving Communion
Janey Hays - Kelly's Grandmother.
Doc and Betty - Shaun's Grandparents.
Shaun and Kelly after the service
Cindy Heisler and her fiancee Mike
Shaun and Kelly with Kelly's family - Debi and Greg Mattingly and her brothers Mark and Ryan
More pictures were taken after the wedding.  Again - most of these were taken by others... Most were from Chandra Griffin, Rob Loos, Vicky Heisler and Joanie Rethlake.
Cindy and June Heisler
Kelly and Shaun with the Shaun's Family - Doc and Betty (Grandparents), Patrick, Aunt Barbara,  Mike and Chandra, Margaret (Grandma), Nicole and Natalie (Sisters)
Shaun and Kelly with Shaun Family - Kevin and Leah (cousin), Patrick, Natalie, Nicole (sib's), Roger and Joanie, Wilma Stryk (Grandma), Uncle Mike, Susannah and Aaron (cousins), Aunt Debbi and Uncle Mark, Aunt Eve and Uncle Pat, Wade (cousin)
Shaun and Kelly at the Altar
Shaun and Kelly with Kelly's family - Joe and Chantal Heisler
Shaun and Kelly with the Wedding Party
Shaun and Kelly with the Wedding Party - Mark Sweeney, Josh Talbet, Dustin Rudisill, Mark Hammond, Mark Heisler, Ryan Heisler, Patrick Griffin, Jane Holden, Nicole Griffin, Natalie Griffin, Anika Milam, Melissa Williams and Cindy Heisler
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