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Shaun and Kelly arrive at the reception
I think everyone had a great time at the Reception.  Thanks Debi and Greg for hosting this - The Warwick was a wonderful choice.  Food and service was excellent and the Valet Parking was a real treat!  The pictures below were sent me from several sources.  In addition to the ones Joanie took on our camera, others came from Rob Loos, Louis Sepeda, David Matocha, Vicky Diaz and Chandra Griffin.  There's a lot of pictures here - so you may not get them all when you first open this page.  You may need to hit "Refresh" a couple of times!!
Patrick Griffin - Best Man - Giving toast to Shaun and Kelly
Debi and Greg Mattingly toasting Shaun and Kelly
The Wedding Cake
Shaun and Kelly cutting the cake
The grooms cake - A Lego Castle
Shaun getting Kelly's Garter
"Air Patrick" gets the garter - guess thats why they called him the best man!
Patrick after getting the garter
Kelly tosses the bouquet which was caught by Anika Milam (one of the bridesmaids)
Patrick putting the garter on Anika
With all the different sources of pictures - we ended up with a lot of pictures taken during the Grand March.  I like them all!!!.  For those of you who have not been in a Grand March before - We hope you had fun.   Thanks to Pat and Eve Stryk for leading the March.  This one was a bit difficult given the number of people and the small area to march in.- but they sure pulled it off.
Pat and Eve enter the room leading the Grand March.  Bride, Groom and Parents follow
Shaun Kelly, The Mattingly's, The Rethlakes, The Griffins ......
Greg and Debi, Joanie and Roger, Mike and Chandra.....
Jane, Nicole and Chris, Natalie and Mike, Mom, Aaron and Sue ...
Johnathan, Amy, Pete Bas and others
Hank, Alice, Wade, Vicki, Gary
Shaun, Kelly Joanie and others
Kelly coming through the 'tunnel'
Pat Stryk - one of our leaders
Eve - you're just having too much fun
Charlene and Annette
Uncle Charlie and Keith
Hank Alice and Elvira
Lotsa people -- there's Gary, Vera, Eve, Kelly, Debi, Joanie, Chandra and others...
Debi, Joanie, Chandra and others
Greg and Debi, Roger Rethlake, Mike Griffin and others...
Alice Rethlake going through - Pat and Kelly on the outside
Just a few of our close family and friends - I'd name them all but I don't want to show off!
Then after marching around with - the participents form a couple of circles around the bride and groom while they dance their first dance.  (Imagine Tiny Dancer playing right now.)
And then - there are 'people pictures'....  Here's a sampling
Amy and Johnathan, Nicole, and Rob and Theresa
Doc and Betty Griffin - Shaun's Grandparents
Rogers Family - Sara, Roger and Hank'n Alice
Mike and Molly
Joanie with her brother Pat
Aunt Vicki and Aunt Annie
Bea and Geneva
Joanie's mom and her sister Annie
Joanie's brother Mike and her Mom
Phillip, Clare and Diana
Roger and Joanie's cousin Charlene (Wonder what we're drinking - looks like we're going to fall over!)
Karen and Louis Sepeda
Joanie's cousin - Annette and Keith Swallers
Debi and Greg Mattingly
Kelly dancing with her Dad - Joe Heisler
Debi Mattingly (Kelly's Mom) with Jayne Hays (Kelly's Grandma)
A couple of Shaun's friends - I'll guess and say it's George and Joe, but I'm just guessing!
Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
Aunt Annie and Geneva 'cutting up'  Jayne Hays (Kelly's Grandmother) in the foreground
Keith and Charlene - Shaun and Natalie behind
Shaun and Kelly along with Kelly's Grandmother - June Heisler. 
Kelly's Dad - Joe Heisler - feeding his little baby
Roger, Joanie, Mike Stryk, Sara, Hank and others.....
Natalie passing the shoe.  Y'all were very generous in giving Shaun and Kelly some spending money for their Honeymoon!
Shaun's friends with his mom!
Roger, Roger and Chris
Natalie dancing with Suzannah (The Flower Girl!)
Shaun checking out his Lego Grooms Cake
us  :-)
Da Band
Patrick at the Grutlore table.... (Phillip, Clare, Diana and Shawn
Natalie visiting the Grutlore's
Sara, Hank'n Alice
Jessica, Audry and Toby
Audry & Toby And Johnathan & Amy
Louis Sepeda
Joanie with HCDE
Joanie with Chuck and Marlis Utsman
Mike and Molly
Uncle Charlie, Joanie, Roger, Annette and Keith
Uncle Charlie and Joanie
Uncle Charlie and Annette
Uncle Charlie and Uncle Teddy
Rob and Theresa Loos
Chantal and Andre Heisler
Kelly and Cindy Heisler
Kelly's mom (Debi Mattingly) and two Grandmother's (June Heisler and Jayne Hays)
Joe Heisler and a couple I don't know.... 
Shaun and Kelly - Leaving for their Honeymoon to Jamaica (Well - not yet, but they're leaving the party)
Shaun And Kelly
Shaun and Kelly Dancing
Reception Pictures
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