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Shaun and Kelly were Married on February 15th 2003.  They are blessed with good friends and family many of whom were able to be in and/or attend the Wedding and Reception.  Joanie and I were busy 'living' the occasion so we didn't take as many pictures as we ususally do.   Fortunately - several people sent us pictures so - when added to those we had already - we found we had a pretty complete record.  (Of course there will be the professional ones - but these are fun 'caus they're personal.)

For those of you who understand 'Geek Speak' - I've gotten about 225 Mb of pictures - so we're probably pretty well set.  For those who don't speak geek - let's just say I got a lot of pictures.

I have three links for pictures.  The Rehearsal Dinner has pictures taken at the Sam Houston Racetrack where we gathered for dinner after the Wedding Rehearsal on February 14th.  The other two links are for pictures from the Wedding and pictures from the Reception.

Please Note - I tried to put info about the people in each picture.  You can hold your mouse over pictures and see any Information I provided.  I'm sure I missed naming some people. I probably put some wrong names to faces and I know I'll have spelled some names wrong.  Of course - all mistakes were intentional just to see if you were paying attention <Grin!>  If you spot any of these - let me know and I'll fix them..
Click Here for pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner
Click Here for pictures from Shaun and Kelly's Wedding Ceremony
Click Here for pictures from Shaun and Kelly's Wedding Reception
First.....  The 6 second summary
Shaun and Kelly Got Married
Shaun and Kelly went to the reception
They danced
They posed for some pictures
And they left
Shaun Griffin and Kelly Heisler got married
Shaun and Kelly Griffin went to the Reception
Shaun and Kelly Griffin posed for pictures
Shaun and Kelly Griffin danced to Tiny Dancer
People threw Rose Petals at them so they left
Shaun Griffin and Kelly Heisler got Engaged.  Here's the write up in the local Richmond Tx.  paper complete with Typo's. 
So - There you got it.  However If you want more detail and ALL the pictures - read on and click the 3 links below.