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Some pictures taken from our yard - birds and sunsets and stuff
Cardinal with a nest in our back yard
This is the female cardinal in our back yard
Tufted Tit-Mouse in our back yard by the pool
This is a Red Bellied Woodpecker in a tree in our fron yard
Sunset from our front yard
Starlings on the bird feeder in the back yard
Cardinal outside the study window
Redwinged blackbird in the back yard
This is an Eastern Bluebird.  Looking at habitat maps - Houston is just about as far south as he ever gets and that's only in Winter
Sunset from our front yard
Another cardinal picture
Two Mourning Doves - We see them a lot under the feeder outside the Study window
Our local squirril
I just love the convenience of these fly-through fast food joints - don't you?
Hey Fred.... So whatcha think about Greenspan - you think he's for the birds?
LOOK! .... Up in the Sky... It's a Man, It's a Plane, It's SuperBird!
You keep an eye out for the cat - I'm going to get some more seed
Tufted Tit-Mouse trying to make friends....
The Eastern Bluebird
More Starlings and Redwinged Blackbirds
A Starling on the birdbath
Redbellied woodpecker
This is our Hawk who claims our yard as part of his domain
This is our Hawk who claims our yard as part of his domain