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My Nephew Joe Graduated from University of Cincinnati on June 15th.  Joanie and I drove up there arriving on 15th for a party Sara was having, went to the graduation on Sunday, then hung out and visited on Monday.  Tuesday morning we drove to Missouri to do some camping and fishing in Lake of the Ozarks State Park.  The  pictures below were taken at Sara's house druing the party.
On the way to Cincinnati - The Suburban rolls over 275,000 Miles
Sara and Eyan
Analycia, Kim, Mike and Eyan at Joe's Graduation
Kim and Eyan
Hank, Alice, Sara and Stephanie
Joanie and Roger
Joe entering the auditorium
Joe entering the auditorium
Joe heading up to get his diploma
Getting his diploma
Moving the tassel
Leaving the stage
Joe - leaving the auditorium
High 5
Joe - outside after the graduation
Joe and Sara
Stephanie, Nathan and Joe
Hank and Alice with the big man on campus
Roger Joe and Joanie
Nathan and his Dad.
Joanie and Nathan
Joe and Stephanie
Tree that fell down in Sara's back yard!
After the graduation - then Monday as well, we visited at Sara's.  Cincinnati was getting deluged with rain.  Sara had a tough weekend with water leaking into the basement, Air Conditioner problems, and a tree falling over in her back yard.
Stephanie, Nathan, Kim and Eyan
Sara and Annalycia
Joe and Nathan
Mike and Eyan
Joe Stephanie and Nathan
Joanie and Eyan
Joanie and Nathan
Alice and Nathan
Nathan - Joe's self portrait in background if you look close
Nathan - Joe's self portrait (and other drawing / design projects) in the background
The pictures below are from Joe's graduation.
Annalycia with her baby brother Eyan
....  And then on Tuesday the 17th we drove to Missouri to Camp in the Ozarks.  We stayed at Lake of the Ozarks State Park.   We spent 4 days and nights fishing and relaxing.
On the road again......
Passing through St. Louis
A widdel wascally wabbit that visited us every morning at our campsite
Deer in the park
Deer in the park
A view of the lake from our campsite
Our bedroom and dining room
This little bird was the coolest!  It reminded Joanie of the birds that helped cinderella make her dress in the cartoon.  Joanie just about had it eating out of her hand by the time we left.
A little fat squirrel
A little fat squirrel
...... Fishing
Joanie fishing
Roger Posing
Joanie filming - reflected in Roger's Sun Glasses
On the way back to Houston we saw this sign and thought of Joanie's Mom