Superbowl 2005

Shaun and Kelly had their annual Superbowl party this year.  This one was pretty remarkable though....  A week and a half before superbowl they decided to remodel their house.  We're not just talking repainting the whole inside of the house (which they did) but also removing all the carpet and linoleum and having tile put in all the living areas and new carpet in all the halls and bedrooms - plus some bathroom remodeling and other stuff.  Pretty amazing - They got it done in time for the game with minutes so spare!!! .

Kelly and Allison enjoying the gameShaun - looking tired but happy it all got doneDustin - relaxing watching the game after having spent many long nights with Shaun and Kelly getting the house doneJoshJoanie getting some food together for lunchJohn and MikeChase shooting poolJoanie and PatrickRoommates - Patrick and JohnPatrick John Mike and RogerShaun and Kelly - Next time we're just going to buy a new house!MikeJohn and PatrickShaun and AerialNicole and Patrick Josh and Angela