Suzannah Stryk's Birthday

Mark and Debbi had a birthday party for Sue on Saturday March 12th.  Sue had friends and family there to celebrate - or were we there for the good food?... Hummmm - Must have been both :-)

Debbi bringing the Birthday cake as Joseph, Sue and Matt look onThe Birthday GirlThe Proud ParentsChristie and AaronFriends of Sue and Aaron - who now work with DebbiKelly Shaun and NatalieSue blowing out the candleSue Natalie and MattRoger and JoaniePatrick and MomJoanie Shaun and PatrickJoanie and PatJoanie Natalie and GrannyMatt Natalie Joseph and SueShaun Kelly Matt Natalie Joseph and SueNatalie and SueSue and GrannyNatalie and PatrickChristie and Aaron