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Nicole and Allison at Kelly's shower
The three models - the contest was to see which group could dress their model better using only rolls of toilet paper!
Kelly with some of her bridesmaids
Pat Stryk finds the son of an old friend at Shaun and Kelly's couples shower
Mom and Joanie
Shaun and Kelly - Now which camera am I suppose to look at?
Kelly's parents - Greg and Debby Mattingly
Patrick and Kayli
Natalie Griffin and Wade Stryk
Susannah and Daisy
Natalie and Mike
Shaun and Kelly opening gifts
Debbi and Greg Mattingly - listening to Joanie read back everything Kelly and Shaun said when opening the gifts... Guess you had to be there - but it was a hoot!
Shaun and Kelly listening to Joanie read back everything they said while opening gifts
Hank and Mom
Kayli, Natalie, Angela and Nicole
Joanie, Chandra, Nicole and the rest of the girls in the Limo heading for City Streets