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Shaun and Kelly's birthday's are one week apart - Shaun's is October 23rd and Kelly's is October 30th (Which was also Roger's Dad's birthday too.... Happy 92nd Dad).  We celebrated Shaun and Kelly's at our house with Fajitas, gifts and family.  With Shaun and Kelly were Mike and Chandra, Nicole and David, Natalie and Chad, Susannah, and Patrick, Joanie and Roger.
Natalie and Susannah
Chad, Susannah and Natalie
Patrick and Nicole
Joanie and Chandra
Kelly - Showing off her new Astros Jersey
Shaun opening his gifts as Patrick looks on
Nicole and David
Natalie and Mike
Kelly with her Texan's blanket and Shaun with a David Carr Jersey
Kelly and Shaun - checking out the tickets to the Texans game in December
Kelly and Shaun
Susannah, Natalie and Mike - singing happy birthday to Shaun and Kelly
Shaun getting a 'birthday brownie' from his Mom
Natalie and Susannah