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Kelly, Shaun and Kelly's mom (Debbie) at the start of the reception
Doc and Betty
Nicole and Mark
Chandra and Mike
Mother Theresa (I Mean Mom and Theresa)
Rob Loos - Trying to use a Straw to eat since we couldn't use silverware
Eve, Natalie and Susannah
Pat, Natalie, Susannah and Joanie
Shaun and Kelly
Mark, Chris, Mark and Shaun
Michelle, Susannah, Eve and Debbi
Nicole and Mom
Kelly and Greg
Natalie and Joanie
Shaun and Kelly
Shaun and Kelly
Shaun and Kelly
Shaun and Kelly
Natalie and Josh
Patrick and Kelly Dancing
Patrick and Kelly dancing
David Reed and Nicole
Rob and Theresa  /  Arron and Mom dancing
Mark and Melissa Hammond
Kelly and Greg
Susannah and Natalie
Susannah, Chris and Natalie dancing