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Hank, Alice, Sara and I at Luckenbach Tx.
Joanie and Roger
Hank and Roger's sister (Sara) came visiting from Cincinnati in December.  She arrived on the 6th and stayed a week.  We got a lot of visiting done in that time.  The pictures here are from a road trip we took to Luckenbach Texas and Enchanted Rock (Near Fredricksburg Texas).
Sara - She really is somebody
Cardinal in a tree at Enchanted Rock
Joanie as we start up the trail
Hi Sara!
Watch out for the cactus
Hank, Alice and Joanie heading up the hill
A view from the top
Hank and Sara on the top of Enchanted Rock
A view from the top
Another view from the top
View from the top
Hank and Alice in the rocks
Hank in the rocks
Alice in the rocks
Sara and Roger kicking back about half way back down the rock
Alice and Hank kicking back
Joanie, Alice and Half of Hank dancing in the weeds
Sara, Hank, Alice and Joanie...
Joanie coming down the hill
Sara, Alice and Hank coming down the hill
Some kind of pointy plant in the rocks
Gold Finch
Whitetail deer
Whitetail deer