Roger's birthday is February 24th - Chandra Griffin's is February 25th.  Joanie and Mom, Mike, Shaun and Kelly, Nicole, Natalie and friends (Dave and Amanda), Patrick, Doc, Betty, Barbara and Colt, Hank and Alice, Rob and Theresa, Mike and Molly put on a surprise party for the both of us.  Shaun and Kelly had the party at their house and a good time was had by all.

Roger - SurprisedChandra - SurprisedChandra and Roger blowing out candlesJoanieRob and TheresaHank and RogerShaun and JoanieNicole and JoanieKellyJoanie, Theresa, Rob and MomBetty, Colt, Barbara, Natalie and DocAlice, Hank, Roger and JoanieMom and ShaunRoger and ChandraNatalie and DaveDoc, Amanda, Natalie and Dave