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While Mike was in town for Christmas - Joanie got Rockets tickets from Anthony Chan's son (Tim).  Tim got us great seats - and VIP passes to the Lexus Lounge where the players come through after the game.  Tim took our pictures with a couple of the players.  We also got to see Moochie propose to his girlfriend - you go boy!
Mom and Mike watching the game
Back in the Lexus Lounge after the game.  Mom talking with Sue - Mike and Roger behind
Joanie, Roger, Mike and Mom with Kelvin Kato
Joanie, Roger, Mike and Mom with Catino Mobley (Rockets) and Tina Thompson (Comets)
Catino Mobley, Joanie, Roger, Mike and Mom
Joanie, Mike Mom And Moochie Norris.  Moochie just proposed and got engaged before this picture - but he still had time for the fans.  (He said - I want to stand by Granny!)