Various Pic's From The Last Year


November - 2007

Shaun, Kelly and Michael November 2007

Joanie and Athena.  And Roxie and Jali - November 2007 - January 2008

Michael - January 2008

Brazos Bend State Park - Joanie and I - February 2008

Michael - February 2008

Michael - March 2008 Michael walking the cat, eating his first MacDonalds, and helping Mom and Dad with household chores)

April - June 2008:  Flowers, and Butterflys

June 2008...  Michael at 18 Months (Pic's from Kelly and Shaun)

June 2008 - Michael's first trip to the zoo, playing with blocks and nap time with Daddy

July 2008 - Michael playing with horsey and Aunt Dr. Natalie

July 2008 - Grandma babysitting Michael.  Not sure who is having more fun!

July 2008 - Mommy and Daddy take Michael for his first trip to the Beach.  (Pic's from Shaun and Kelly)

August 2008:  White Dove in back yard, Hank and Alice take us to the Astros Game, Pat and Eve visit, and Michael makes his first fort