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The Lamar High School - Junior-Senior Prom.  Joanie and I spent all of Friday and Saturday decorating for the Prom.  We also attended as chaperones.  Unfortuantly - we were too beat to take pictures.  We got some pre-prom pictures of Patrick and his friends and a couple of pictures of the decorated stage at the Safari Club.
Mustang Ice Sculpture on the Desert Table at the Safari Club
It was a lot of work - but it sure looked great in the end.  The Stage is 24' wide, the center column is 12' tall and we hung 76' of star paper on the back wall
Glenn Nelson helping Daniel Steinhaus with his tie
Kayli and Crystal Gieck
Decorations at the Safari Club
Pre-Prom Pictures at Kate Goode's House
Patrick and Cody Johnson
Alex Bowden, Chase Nelson, Patrick and Kayli
Patrick and Kayli
Kayli was having trouble with her heels walking in the grass - so Patrick came to the rescue
Patrick, Matt Cyrus and Cody Johnson
The whole gang
Patrick and Cody as Matt looks on
Cody, Patrick and Chase
Patrick and Kayli
Patrick Griffin and Chase Nelson
The Baseball Team Matt Cyrus, Greg Gilbert, Daniel Steinhaus, Eric Beckner, Chase Nelson and Patrick Griffin
Kayli and Patrick
Loading up the Limo - heading to the Prom