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Lamar had it's Baccalaureate on May 23rd.  The next week we had a Graduation party with friends and family for Patrick at our home then went to the graduation at Lamar's stadium.  The night ended with the ProGrad lock-in all night party at the High School.
Patrick and Mom
Patrick and Nicole
Joanie Patrick and Roger
Joanie, Mom, Patrick, Nicole and Roger at  the Baccalaureate
Natalie and Matt at Patrick's Graduation party at our house - later they would help ref basketball games at the ProGrad
Natalie and Friends
Graduation Party at our house
Pat and Eve
Aaron and Debbi Stryk
Patrick - gotta volleyball game going
David playing Volleyball
Chase Nelson playing Volleyball
Brother Mark and Brother Pat kicking back watching the Volleyball Game (or maybe the Baseball on TV?)
Shaun playing volleyball
Mom watching the game
Patrick - Can't believe I missed !
Doc and Natalie
Mom and Nicole - sharing a rocker
Mom Shaun and Nicole
Nicole and Jali
Mike and Patrick
Doc and Patrick
Mike and Nicole
Graduation at Lamar's Stadium
Kelly, Natalie and Nicole
Mike and Gabby
Roger and Joanie - Come'on Roger.... Put the video camera down!
Patrick walking in - (He's the one with the blue cap)
Gabby and Chandra
We all yelled Patrick's name just after the opening greeting....  :-)
Craig Elliott being congratulated by the principal - Walt Wendtland
Krystle Geick and the Walt
Kyle Gibbs and Walt
Kyle Gibbs
Patrick moving his tassle after getting his diploma
Patrick and Walt
Patrick and Walt
BJ Hurley and Walt
Levy Johnson and Walt
Levy Johnson
Mario Lopez getting his diploma
Stephen Santos
Greg Valikonis
Greg Valikonis
Buzzy Wendtland and his dad
Kori and Walt
Travis Yates
Patrick, Danny Gutierrez, Kyle Gibbs, Krystle Geick, Neil Gaskin and others
Doing the WAVE!
Doing the WAVE!
Patrick, Danny Kyle Neil and others
Patrick and Kyle looking our way
Tossing the Caps
Tossing the Caps
Patrick and Krystle - High Five
ProGrad -
ProGrad at the High School
Levy Johnson
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Krystle and Chris
Danny Gutierrez