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Joanie and I, Shaun and Kelly and Nicole went up to College Station to Patrick's for his birthday.  The Aggie's were playing a home game so we went to Fitswillie's to play shuffle board and watch the game.  We also had an ear tuned into the Astros who were playing the second last game of the regular season trying to make it into the playoff's as a wildcard.
Ok - we're here now..... The party can start!
Kelly telling us - It's about time you got here!  :-)
Patrick with his new Neon Keystone Light
All he got was this Keystone Light.... Pour Thing!
Patrick Shaun Joanie Roger and Chase
Blowing out da candles
Shaun and Kelly
Chase Nelson
Shaun and Nicole
Joanie Patrick and Shaun at Fitzwillie's watching the Aggies
Joanie Playing shuffle board.  Chase watching the Aggies
Patrick Joanie and Shaun
Come'on Nicole - Open your eyes !!!    Patrick, Joanie, Kelly, Shaun, Nicole and Chase
Shaun Patrick Nicole and Chase
Chase and Roger - Roger's keeping up with the Astro's game
Patrick and Shaun playing shuffle board
Shaun and Roger (Shaun really gets excited when Roger tells him the Astros hit another Home Run!)
Joanie and Kelly
Nicole and Eric -  Opponents on the shuffle board court
Chase and Kelly  - opponents on the shuffle board court
Joanie -
Eric Shaun Patrick and Chase
Patrick Eric Chase and Shaun
Joanie Patrick and Roger
Nicole, Jared, Joanie and Patrick
John Roger and Shaun
John and Shaun
Chase John and Shaun
Nicole and Patrick
Joanie and Patrick
Back home at Patrick's place.... And Jali is glad to see us!