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Mom has been going through old pictures recently.  She's had me scan them, clean them up and make re-prints.  She doesn't know it - but I really enjoy doing it.  It's always a challange to take a picture with corner torn off and fix it so no one notices.....    Anywho - I figured I'd share the pictures here.  Let me know if you find any missing or incorrect names.
1943 - Joe and Wilma Stryk.... Joanie, Mark, Pat and Mike's dad and mom
1948 - Joe Stryk... You can trust your car to the man who wears the star!  (Joe's the man on the left, Rudy Dluhy on the right)
1948 - Left-Right.  Joe Stryk, Rudy Dluhy, Michael Stryk, and a Classic Car!
1948 - We fix tires too!  Rudy Dluhy, Joe Stryk and Michael Stryk supervising the whole operation
1948 - Joe Stryk, Michael Stryk and Rudy Dluhy
1948 - We give you that full service at Texaco Stations!
Joe, Patrick, Michael, and Wilma
L-R Gary Tuppa, Bea Tuppa, Pat Stryk, Annie Tuppa, Mark Stryk, Joe Stryk (laying down), Joe Tuppa
1957 - Donny Matocha and Mark Stryk... (Nice Shoes Mark!!! :-)
1968ish - Joanie - Graduation from High School
Joseph Matocha - Mom's Grandfather
Joe Matocha (Joanie's Mom's dad) on the left - playing the squeeze box with Frank Hundl.  (Frank worked for Joe at the Blacksmith shop)
1946 - 3 of Mom's brothers - Charlie, JC and Beno
Raymond Matocha, Edward Matocha (Mom's uncles) and Adolph Stalinsky
Joanie's Mom's Dad... Joe Matocha at his gas station.  Note the reflection of the pump in the left window and Joe's reflection on the right.  The door on the right has writing saying - "No Gas On Credit"... (This is during the depression)
Raymond Matocha (Joe Matocha's brother)
Joe Matocha's brother
Joe Matocha  (Looks like Tom Mix :-)
Joe Matocha with his brothers (Raymond on the left and Edward on the right)
Joephene Matocha - Mom's Grandmother
The five in the front row here are the same as the five in the picture to the right. Front row is Joe, Albina, Grandma Josephene, Josie, Adolph and Edward
Mom's grandmother Josephene in the middle with her five kids
As above with spouses
Joe Matocha and his brothers
Joe Matocha's brother (Adolph) and his wife (Helen) at their wedding
This is Joe Matocha's house in Cistern Texas where Mom grew up.
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Joanie's mom - high school graduation
Joanie's Mom - this was taken sometime before she got married.
Joanie's mom
1936 - Mom's sister's wedding.  L-R (tall people only) Sleepy Zuzalik, Annie Matocha (later a Tupa), Eddie Zuzalic, Alfred Matocha, Raymond Matocha, Another Zuzalik.  The ring bearer is a Zuzalic, the Flower Girl is Veronica Matocha
1946 - Aunt Francis, Michael Stryk and Joe Koudelka
The Matocha kids (Mom's dad, aunts and uncles) .... Ray, Albina, Joe, Josie and Edward.