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Nicole was inducted into the National Honor Societey for Psychology on April 18th 2004.  She will complete her bachelors degree later this year from the University of Houston and plans to go on for an advanced degree immediately after.   We just have one thing to say...
You Go Girl!
David and Gabby - arriving for Nicole's induction ceremony
David and his mom (Liz)
Joanie, Mom and Roger before the ceremony
Some kind of 'Gong' that the inductees sounded after signing in and being accepted.
Nicole signing in
Nicole with the other 15 or so inductees
Nicole getting her NHS Cord
Nicole being congratulated
Nicole and Mike again
Nicole and Mike after the ceremony
Nicole with roses from her mother (Gabby looking on admiringly)
Roger Nicole and Joanie after the ceremony
Mike Nicole and Chandra
Liz and Nicole
Kelly Shaun and Nicole
Kelly Shaun Nicole and David
Kelly Shaun and Joanie
Mom and Nicole
Kelly bringing me some sancks.... Thanks Kelly!