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We had a Surprise Party for Nicole on November 27th to celebrate her anticipated graduation in December.  We all know Nicole....  It's extremely hard to pull off a surprise that involves her but we go her this time!
Debbi made one of her fameous chocolate chip cookie cakes
And Chandra brought another cake
Nicole and Natalie - Now Nicole knows why Natalie was 'dragging her feet' at the store
Nicole hugging Megan
And a second surprise
A car in the garage filled with baloons - a surprise from Joanie, Chandra, Mike and Roger
Patrick and Nicole
Ok - now lets get serious and have some food
Chase, Megan, Nicole, Mary, Allison, John and Patrick
Mom and Joanie
Mark, Josh and Jacob
Debbi and Natalie
Joanie, Nicole and Mike
Shaun and Nicole trying to make a Root Beer Float!
Ever see a Root Beer Float?
Chase helping make the Root Beer Float
Josh, Patrick and Chase - should we let it go?
Lets put a string on it then you can fly it
Chase and David
And that's how you make a Root Beer Float
Chase "flying" the baloons
Chase, John, Josh, Shaun, Kelly, David and Jacob
Chandra and Natalie
Back L-R
David Jacob Josh Mary Natalie Nicole Allison Aaron Chandra. 
Front L-R
Chase Shaun Kelly Patrick John
Chandra made a sing along for Nicole with phrases from different songs
Natalie Allison and Nicole singing along with Chandra
Natalie just flips over her brother Patrick