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Natalie turned 21 on July 20th.  This was the day after she started Dental school at UTSA.  Joanie, Nicole, Kelly, Chandra, Susannah, Amanda and Tiffany went to San Antonio to celebrate and take her out to dinner.  We wern't due to close on her condo for another week or so - so she's still staying in the 'hotel'.
Natalie in her 'hotel' waiting to head out for dinner
Natalie and Chad
Susannah - ready to party
Amanda, Nicole, Natalie, Tiff, Kelly and Susannah
Amanda, Tiffany, Joanie, Natalie, Kelly, Chandra, Susannah and Nicole
Susannah, Amanda, Natalie, TIffany, Kelly, Chandra, Joanie and Nicole
Natalie and her cake
Amanda and Tiffany
Tiffany, Nicole, Susannah and Kelly
Nicole, Kelly and Susannah
Amanda, Tiffany, Nicole, Kelly, Susannah and Natalie
Tiffany, Amanda, Joanie, Natalie and Susannah at dinner
Amanda and Tiffany at dinner
Chandra and Natalie
Birthday Cake