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We took our usual camping weekend at New Braunfels over Labor Day - Staying at K&L Campground.  The river was running pretty good - and we were extremely fortunate with the weather.  Tropical Storm Grace was causing storms and heavy rains all around us - but we somehow stayed in a pocket which kept us hot and sunny all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday night it rained a bit but it was after dark and it was dry again in the morning when we awoke. 

We missed Rob, Theresa and Family - but we had a large crowd anyway.  Between our family and friends and Mike and Molly's family and friends - we had about 20 folks toobing both Saturday and Sunday.  (Different people since some were only there on Saturday and others on Sunday.)

We only took a few pictures - but here's what we have....
This is the Group Shot from Saturday's Toobing Trip
This is the group shot from Sunday's Toobing Trip
Lotsa Tents
Lotsa Tents
Da Wivver
Roger - Loading 24 toobes on the Suburban and in the Trailer for the drive up river to the "put-in"
Chad and Natalie
Shaun with his remote control car
Cousin David - checking the weather on his portable thingamagig
Molly, Emile, Josh and Chandra making sandwiches for lunch
David's daughter Katti and Chandra's niece Gabrielle... And I probably spelled both names wrong!
Suzannah - Josh and Angela's daughter - playing with Shaun's remote control car
David playing with the remote control car
Roger loading tubes
Joanie and Mary