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Ahhhh - Labor Day on the Guadalupe River.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  We (the collective 'we') arrived any time between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.  We had a little rain shower on Saturday morning  but it was after breakfast and before we got on the river so it was a good time for it to get it out of its system.

Our group was Joanie and I, Shaun and Kelly, Nicole and Mary, Natalie, Patrick and John and Chase, and Jared and Amanda and Abby- And Hank and Alice too.

Theresa, Johnathan and Amy couldn't make it, but Rob was there with Robin, Trisha and Max and Max's mom was even there for a day.

Mike and Molly were there with Emily, David and Allison... and Dave and Christi were there for one of the days.

The water was perfect - running 370 cps so there was no need to get up and drag tubes.  What a great trip!
Ready to go
Loading up the tubes.  We've got 23 people + 5 Ice Chests to account for
Fixin to get wet
Hank and Alice just above the Chutes
Trisha and Robin
Got the legs kicking singing New York - New York
Allison David Molly and Mike
Robin in the Chutes
Emily in the Chutes
Amanda Abby John Chase Patrick and Jared in the Chutes
Mike in the Chutes
Molly in the Chutes
Amanda Abby John Chase Patrick and Jared in the Chutes
Robin in the Chutes
Roger pulling two Ice Chests through the Chutes
Alice Amanda Abby Jared and John
Trisha and Robin
Birthday Celebrations back at the campsite..... Alice turned 51 on September 4th and Robin Turns19 on September 11th
Hank Robin Max Alice and Nicole
Joanie and Nicole lighting the candles on the cake
Robin and Alice blowing out the candles
Robin opening her birthday card.  Rob, Hank Max and Trisha in the background
Max and Trisha
Robin and Trisha
Rob with Trisha and Robin
Hank and Alice
Joanie and Nicole
Alice and Hank looking at Alices birthday present
Kelly and Shaun
Patrick Shaun and Kelly
Max and Trisha
Mike going for the big one.  Trying to figure out how to get this bait on his hook!
Patrick and Natalie
Patrick Natalie Kelly Shaun and Nicole
Emily and David
Robin and Rob - kicking back
Hank and Alice
Nicole - trying not to smile
Joanie Natalie and Nicole (Natalie's heading back home to study some more)
Patrick Chase and David gathering fire wood
Chase David and Patrick gathering firewood
Chase and Patrick floating the wood back to our campsite
David Patrick and Chase
David Patrick and Chase... John at the table
Hank and Alice watching the boys play Haki Sak
Max Jared Shaun and John playing Haki Sak
Robin and Trish
Packing up to go
Packing up to go
Packing up to go
A sign Hank and Alice saw on HY-90 on the way home.....  (For those who don't know, Hank, Alice and I are from Cincinnati)