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We added a river trip this year.  On July 16 we hit the river as sort of a last fling for the summer.  For Patrick - it was a senior party after graduating high school and looking to start at Blinn in College Station in the Fall.  For Natalie - it's a last fling before starting Dental School.  In fact Joanie and I will need to be packed up early Sunday morning to make the drive to San Antonio for Natalie's induction to the Dental School at UTSA.  For Nicole it's the last fling before her final Semister at UH.  She will graduate with her degree in Psychology in December.  She's planning on continuing on for her Masters after maybe taking a semister off.  For the rest of us - well there's never a bad reason to go to the river!
Lindsay - tossing washers
Justin and Natalie
Roger catching a nap
Natalie and Nicole
Chris and Shaun
Lindsay and Kelly
Shaun and Nicole
Natalie doctoring Justin's foot after he tore a big chunk of skin off tossing football in a parking lot
Joanie taking a break from the kitchen
Natalie and Nicole
Roger - does this guy do ANYTHING except sleep?
Nicole Lindsay and Joanie
Shaun tossing washers
Chris and Kelly tossing washers
Kayli, Patrick and 'Cool Head Justin'
Chase, Shaun and Justin
John Logan (Will be Patrick's roomie in College Station) and Natalie
Nicole and Kelly
Lindsay chillin
Roger - inflating the tubes
John and Natalie
Natalie and Justin
Chase Nelson
Lotsa tents
Patrick's suite (sleeping late - but hugging that fan to stay cool)
Shaun - got that morning coffee working