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Once again, It's Easter so we packed up and went Toobing in New Braunfels.  All the usual suspects were present... The Rob, Theresa, Johnathan and Amy from Lafayette, Shaun and Kelly, Nicole David and Mary, Natalie, Chad and Tiff, Patrick, Kayli, Chase, Cody, John, Travis, Krystle and Chris, and David Matocha and Kati.  For some reason - the Army Corps of Engineers choose this weekend to let water out from the dam at flood rates so most of the sites on the river closed down.  K&L (where we stay) closed as well but let us come and stay since we're regulars... We had the place pretty much to ourselves.  We couldn't toob the Guadalupe so we went into town an floated the Comel instead.  That first day and half of the next was beautiful - but we got hit with some extreme weather (hail lightning and heavy heavy heavy) rain the last night.  We made it through the night however - Patrick had it the worst.  His rain guard ripped off and he literally slept in the rain all night... He toughed it out though.   

This trip marks the end of an era.  It was the first trip that Rob and Theresa didn't come down in a Suburban.  They finally sold "the beast".  It's also the last trip for our Suburban.  We're just shy of 300,000 miles and it's time to start a new era.  Our next river trip will be in our new Suburban.
K&L Ranch - Closed for the weekend (well - closed for most folks anyway)
The flooding river
The flooding River
Kelly is looking at Johnathan and Amy's picture album.  Hannah is the star of this book!
Amy and Roger looking at the Picture Album
David playing the guitar
Nicole and Mary - doing what?  Coloring of course!
Mary still coloring
Shaun - the vollyball game
Chase Nelson - Vollyball
Chad and Tiffany playing volleyball
Natalie playing volleyball
John playing volleyball
Krystle playing volleyball (Shaun filming in the background)
Tiffany playing volleyball
Chase and John
Cody and his truck
Natalie and Chad
Chad, John Tiffany and Chase
Chris Marlow watching the game
Amy and Roger - trying to look intellilgent
Mary and Rob - chillin
Roger and Joanie
Johnathan tossing washers with Shaun
Theresa - watching the washer match
Kelly tossing washers
More washers
Roger.... Hummmm lets see now, 6 minutes per tube, 24 tubes,  guess we'll be ready to go in about 2 1/2 hours
Nicole and Natalie after a day on the river. 
David (Joanie's cousin) and his daughter Kati after the river trip
John carrying Krystle to the truck
The gorup shot...  L-R Joanie, Roger, Johnathan, Amy, Rob, Kayli, Patrick, Threresa,Chase, Kelly, Shaun, John, Travis, Krystle, Cody, Chris, Kati, David, David, Nicole, Chad, Mary, and Natalie
Roger getting his toobs tied
Joanie and Roger - the final river trip for this gallant steede... It doesn't look bad for a 10 year old truck w/ 300k miles!
The weather finally hit saturday evening.  We have tarps for wind and rain breaks.  It really did get cold that night but the fire helped
Rob and Theresa's drive home.....