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River Road is still recovering from the floods last July 4th.  The river has been cleaned up - but a lot of the campgrounds are still re-building showers/sites etc.  We stay at K&L Ranch and they lost a lot of the grassy area.  Looks like it's going to grow back though. 
Easter in New Braunfels...
The trip wasn't quite the same this year - Rob and Theresa couldn't make it and neither could Johnathan or Amy.  But we tried to keep up the tradition. It was foggy - misty and chilly most of the weekend but we still toobed. 
Joanie and Molly made sure we ate well!  We had shrimp etouffee and fried shrimp on Friday, then BBQ Brisket, Chicken and Sausage on Saturday.   A lot of us tried fishing this trip - but Joanie was the only one to catch anything (5 total - but we won't talk about the size). 
After we got back we realized we didn't take many pictures but here's what we got... 
Kayli Chase and Joanie
Emile, Molly and Mike
Nicole and Mary
Kelly and Allison
Kayli and Patrick
Allison and Nicole
Natalie and Tiffany
David, Patrick and Shaun