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We celebrated Mothers Day at Pat and Eve's new home in Marble Falls Tx. near Austin.  What a beautiful house and property.  They built their home on a 2 1/2 acre lot in an area up the slope from Travis lake.  They moved in last November. 

Mark, Debbi, Aaron and Susannah wern't able to make it (Debbi was sick and stayed in bed most of the weekend). The weekend wasn't the same without the whole family - but we celebrated just the same.  Joanie and Eve were blessed with the presence of all their kids. Mom was the senior mother in charge for the weekend.
Pat and Eve's new home
Pat and Eve's house - a veiw from the back yard
Wade, Pat and Roge on the back porch
Shaun and Kevin on the back porch
Shaun and Kelly in the house... Your guess is as good as mine!
Natalie, mom and Pat.  (Natalie's studying for the DAT)
Shaun and Kelly in the Hot Tub
Leah fixin to get in the Hot Tub
Kevin - testing the waters
Kevin and Leah
Shaun and Kelly in the Hot Tub.
Natalie studying for the DAT.  (Admittance into Dental School).  She needs to read one chapter per day to complete this preparation book by the time to take the test.
Wade, Shaun,  Kelly, Kevin and Leah in the Pool/HotTub
Eve in her new kitchen.  She really laid out a feast for us this weekend. 
Roger chillin with Sugar and Bogey
Wade, Natalie, Shaun, Kelly, Pat, Joanie, Kevin and Leah
Joanie and Natalie in the Hot Tub
Shaun and Kelly
Nicole and David
Sunset on Lake Travis.  This overlook is just short walk from Pat and Eve's house
Nicole overlooking Lake Travis
Nicole and Joanie overlooking Lake Travis
Patrick and Kayli overlooking Lake Travis
David and Nicole overlooking Lake Travis
Roger and Joanie overlooking Lake Travis
Natalie watching mom open her Mothers Day Gifts
Mom - styling with her new cell phone.
Nicole and David
Pat and Joanie
Kevin and Leah
Patrick and Kayli
Joanie opening her mothers day gift - lladro from the kids
Nicole, Shaun, Natalie and Patrick
David playing the guitar
Kayli listening to David
Roger - kicking back in Pat and Eve's back yard
Eve - relaxing in the evening by the pool
Joanie and Mom on Mothers day
Wade and Eve on Mothers Day
Wade and Mom on Mothers Day