Birds and Squirrels

We've got a lot of bird and squirrel feeders in our back yard.  Some are right up against the windows - others are out in the yard.  Today was a great day for watching these little guys in action.

Some mourning doves by our pool.  A goldfinch on our patio chairA squirril by the hot tubThis feeder is right next to our window in the breakfast room.  We really enjoy watching the finches close up.This squirril can't believe it - this feeder is just too easy!Looks like he's saying grace before his mealHummmmm....  This one looks new - I wonder how I'm suppose to eat it?A redwinged blackbird in the back yardMore finches by the windowA squirril contemplating the meaning of life - so may feeders, so little timeCardinalFinchAnother FinchThe Momma Cardinal


Cats and Dogs

Jali is Patrick's dog.  Stoney is the cat we got Patrick for Christmas.  LucyFur is our indoor cat. Ringo, Crawl and Shadow are our outdoor cats.

LucyFur chillin in the breakfast room wearing shadesLucyFur - trying to look intelligentRingo on the prowlRingo and CrawlCrawl on the prowlJali... What flower bed?  I'm not digging up the bulbs... really - I'm just guarding the beds for you :-)Think I'll take a napStoney JaliJaliStoneyStoneyJali and RogerStoney - not sure she wants Jali around or notYeah - I'm the princess!


Sons and Sunsets

We never get tired of sunset pictures.  Our house faces west and we get some goods ones often. 

Christmas break is over - Patrick and Jali are heading back to CollegeShaun and Kelly checking out some property - they've always got an eye open for a potential opportunityJones Creek - running behind the property they were checking outShaun Kelly and Joanie