Stuff and Such

Stuff and Such

Leah and Shannon were married on September 22nd 2007 in Austin Texas.  Joanie and I and Mom traveled to Austin on Friday so we could attend the Rehearsal Dinner on Friday night.  Shaun, Kelly and Michael and Nicole, Natalie and Patrick arrived later on Friday night. Michael Stryk flew in from Atlanta on Saturday - we all knew he was coming except Mom.  It was sort of a surprise birthday present for her.  Mark, Debbi, Aaron and Christie arrived on Saturday as well.  We took a boat load of pictures, so we made 4 separate pages for the four different parts of our weekend.  Friday night was the Rehearsal Dinner.  Saturday Morning and afternoon was just us hanging out doing Breakfast and Lunch.  Saturday night was the Wedding, followed by the reception.

Rehearsal Dinner

Hanging Out Saturday before the wedding

The Wedding

The Reception

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