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Kelly Heisler (Shaun's Fiancee) graduated from A&M on December 20th.  Joanie, Mom, brother Mike and I were there along with Shaun and of course - Kelly's family.
Kelly's is the center rack, 10th row, 6th from the left...  Maybe
Kelly's family - Joe Heisler, Mark Heisler, Debbie Mattingly, Ryan Heisler and Greg Mattingly
Mom and Mike Stryk
Kelly (The one in the black Cap and Gown)...
Kelly - waiving at us from her seat... She's waiting for the speech to end so she can get on with graduation!
Mark, Debbie and Greg - Listening to the speeches which were pretty dry
Speeker giving the commencement speech
Kelly receiving her diploma
Hey y'all - I got it !
That gets a big thumbs up from Mom!
Kelly Shaking hands with some honcho... Probably the Dean of Mathematics
Kelly heading back to her seat
Hummm... I wonder if there really is a diploma in this tube.  Better check!
I really did it.... There is a diploma in the tube!
Kelly getting a hug from her mom and brothers after the ceremony.
The graduate
Here 'tis
Kelly with her Mom and brothers... L-R:  Ryan, Debbie, Mark and Kelly
Kelly with her Dad - Greg Mattingly
Kelly with her Dad - Joe Heisler
Shaun with Joe Heisler
Oh Yeah.... Joanie and I were there too.