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We spent Friday the 4th at Mark and Debbi's.  Mike Stryk was in from Atlanta, Pat and Eve were down from Marble Falls, Jesse, Aaron and Susannah were there as well as Shaun, Nicole, Natalie and Patrick.
Mike and Aaron
Pat's supervising and Mark's flipping burgers.  Whatever works - Food was great!
Eve and Mom at Mark and Debbi's
Mike, Pat, Mark and Joanie
Patrick, Natalie, Shaun and Nicole
Roger and Jesse
Kayli and David
Aaron Eve and Mom
Shaun and Nicole
Debbi and Sassy
Roger Mike and Jesse
Shaun and Kelly
Susannah, Joseph and Natalie
Aaron - studying the potato chip
Pat and Eve with Patrick
Kevin, Leah and Bogie
On the 5th Joanie and I, Mike, Jesse and Natalie went up to Marble Falls to spend the day and night with Pat and Eve.  Kevin and Leah and Guy and Shannon (Eve's Brother and Niece) were there as well.
Mike and Pat
Guy and Shannon
Mike, Eve and Pat
Eve in her pantry
Chez Stryk - Pat and Eve's Hill Country Home
Guy Shannon and Natalie
Joanie and Mom