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Mike and Chandra host a Halloween Party every year - this year it was on Saturday October 25th.  It was a great time as usual.  There were good costumes, good people, good food and even a pumpkin carving contest.  As the evening began to wind down - David broke out the guitar and provided live entertainment. 
Natalie and Chad - Taken at our house before going to the party.  They make a great Prom Queen and King!
Mary and Dustin
Natalie, Mike and Elvis... Errrrr Chandra
Natalie and Amanda....  She makes a better Geni than Barbara Eden
Chad and Natalie with Amanda and her boyfriend Matt
Mike and Patrick.... (Patrick really got a hand for his costume!)
Roger the Ghoul
Chandra (Elvis) dancing with Suzannah
Nicole "I got you babe" Cher
Nicole, Mike and Mary
Shaun and Kelly - The Renaissance couple
Tammy and Howard
Shaun and his Aunt Barbara
The ghost and ghoul.... Joanie and Roger
Joanie and little Suzannah
David and Nicole
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
These are the Judges in the Pumpkin Carving contest
Nicole doping the Cher thing.
Nicole and Allison
Nicole and her Aunt Barbara
Chad, Natalie and Joanie
Joanie - Getting into character - being a ghost
Shaun and Patrick
Dustin, Allison, Nicole and David
Dustin and Stephen
Mary, Mike, Allison and Joanie
Patrick and Nicole
David - breaks out the guitar and provides entertainment into the night
Nicole and Mike
Nicole and Coco
Chad - the Prom King
Shaun, Kelly and Stephen
Mike and Natalie....  As Natalie said when she saw this picture "We look so 80's"