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We have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in February.  (Roger, Hank, Mike and Chandra Griffin, Patrick's girlfriend - Kayli, Kelly's mom - Debi Mattingly and our friends Molly Reed and Josh Talbet).  For the last two years - we've celebrated these all at one time.  This year everyone came over to our house and we had some TexMex food brought in.
Chandra, Mike, Hank, Kayli, Roger, Josh and Molly
Blowing out the candles
Hank and Alice
Angela and Suzannah
Chandra and Gabby
Joanie and Debbi setting up the food
Josh Talbet
Natalie and Mom
Chandra and Gabby
Jali and Patrick taking a nap
Mike Griffin
Nicole and Suzzannah
Suzzannah, Gabby and David
Gabby after taking a quick dip in the pool
Hank and Alice
Jali taking a bow (wow)
Joanie and Hank
Natalie and Sue
Nemo.... This is the fish that Hank and Alice gave Roger for his birthday.  It's battery operated - so we just put it in the pool and let it go.
Nicole and Mom
Patrick and Kayli
Patrick, Joanie and Kayli
Sue and Mom
Suzannah, Nicole, Chandra and Gabby