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Analycia, Eyan and the Easter Bunny - taken Easter 2003
Analycia on her 4th Birthday
Eyan - April 2003
Eyan - April 2003
Eyan - Easter 2003
Kim with Eyan on his first Easter Egg Hunt
Kim and Eyan who seems to be checking out his cache of goodies
Nathan on his first birthday
Joe with Nathan on his first birthday
Nathan doesn't quite know what to do with his cake
Scott with his grandson
Nathan and his Mommy
Nicole and David on their way to a wedding
Joanie on the Rocker with Jali
Natalie and Mom at one of Patricks baseball games in his senior year
Patrick and Mom at Lamar's Senior Serve
Mike and Chad after we moved Natalie into a storage locker for a few months.... She's finished at Texas State in San Marcos - Next stop UT San Antonio in July.
Alice Hank and Sara in Cincinnati
Natalie in San Antonio at the start of Dental School