Emily Reed's

Emily Reed and Nicole have been friends forever.  We all went up for her graduation from the University of North Texas in Dallas.  After the graduation - we went out to eat (Thanks Molly and Mike for a great dinner!)

Emily (She's the one with the black hat on)Molly and Mike at the graduationDavid Reed - the proud brother

Joanie and Roger at the graduationAllisonMolly and Joanie - a real pair of twinkies

Emily's dadMike Jones and Roger

Mike and Dave

Molly and Joanie - just what's with these ladies?

Molly and David - Bro and SisDaveSusan (Emily's Aunt) and Guy (Emily's Dad)

Emily and Kristi

Molly Susan and EmilyMolly Joanie and Emily

Dave and Kristi

Allison and Nicole