We had another 'progressive Christmas' this year. Joanie's brother Mike arrived on December 15th.  We visited Shaun and Kelly to introduce our grandson to the Stryks...

Later that day we went to Mark and Debbi's for dinner and Farkle.  Ain't granny a hoot!

The next day (December 16th) we celebrated Christmas at our house.  We missed Shaun, Kelly and Michael as well as Aaron & Christie and Wade and Megan.  However we did have: Mom, Joanie & Roger, Nicole, Natalie & Neil (soon to be a Paradox), Patrick, John Logan, Fr. Jesse, Mike Stryk, Pat & Eve, Leah and Shannon, Mark and Debbi, Susannah. As usual - we started out with the white elephant gift exchange and the review of the rules first.

It was fun but eventually Joanie and Mark fell asleep so we went on with the exhange

And, of course we need the family pictures...


And the new tradition... lets do some dancing

Things settled down for a while after that.  Mike went back to Atlanta and Pat & Eve headed back up to Marble Falls.  Then Christmas Eve rolled around...  Patrick was at Eva's and Shaun & Kelly had a newborn to take care of so it was just Joanie, Mom and I with Nicole, Natalie and Neil.  Our tradition is that the kids exchange their gifts on Christmas Eve.

Then of course Santa comes and does his think on Christmas Morning.

Later on Christmas Day we went over to Shaun, Kelly and Michaels