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Mike and Brenda were here from Georgia to celebrate Christmas over the weekend of December 17th.  We all got together at Mark and Debbi's on Friday night - then met at our house on Saturday to exhange gifts.
Lasagna Dinner at Mark and Debbi's
Mark Debbi Mike Mom Eve Pat Joanie and Shaun
Mike Pat and Mark with Joanie and Mom
Roger and Brenda
Pat and Mom
Eve and Pat with Mom
Nicole Kelly and Natalie
Mike and Brenda
Joanie and Shaun
Joanie with Nicole Kelly and Natalie
Pat and Shaun
Joanie and Mom
Pat and Eve
Mike Mom and Brenda
Jali with her bone from Mom's Roast
Saturday and Joanie and Rogers
Eve and Debbi
Pat and Mike
Patrick enjoying Mom's roast
Debbi and Joanie with Pat in the background dishing up Mom's roast
Mike Joanie and Pat
Mom and Brenda
Pat and Jesse
Eve sees Wade who surprised here by making the trip from Florida
Natalie Leah Nicole and Susannah
Roger Joanie Eve Pat Brenda Mike and Debbi and Mark
Sue Leah Natalie Nicole Wade Patrick Granny and Aaron
Susannah and Granny
Patrick and Leah
Aaron setting up his Power Point to go over the rules for the White Elephant gift exchange
Mike Brenda and Mom. 
Eve Wade Pat and Leah
Joanie and Mom
Joanie and Mom
Patrick Debbi and Susannah
Wade and Sue
Brenda and Joanie
Aaron doing the Power Point on the rules of the White Elephant gift exchange
Joanie and Mike
Hey Pat - There you are up on the screen!
Mark and Debbi
Chase Nelson and Jesse
I don't think Sue and Natalie like the new rules
Eve and Mark
Wade Pat Eve and Leah
Aaron and Leah