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Christmas with the family at Mark and Debbi's
Shaun and Kelly (Hey - y'all are getting married in a few weeks !!!!)
Patrick and his girlfriend - Kayli
Nicole Griffin -  checking out the gifts
Pat Stryk with Leah lookign on
Susannah and Kayli
Kevin, Leah and Shaun
Nicole and Mike Stryk - Mike's asking questions about the rules for the White Elephant gift Exchange
Mark Stryk
Patrick, Natalie, Michelle, Susannah and Kayli
Natalie and Susannah
Nicole looking on as Mike Stryk shows off his new Texans Tie
Shaun - I think he's cooking up a plan here!
Natalie and Susannah - laughing at the resemblance they have to the girls in the poster
Susannah and Kayli
Nicole and Mike looking at Susannah's poster
Nicole showing her new Neckless
Patrick showing the collectors baseball cards he got from his Uncle Mike
Leah checking out Shaun's gift
Joanie and Mom
Leah and Shaun
Joanie and Fr. Jesse... Y'all are just having too much fun!
Mike Stryk showing off his new Texans sweat shirt
Natalie and Mike (WWP) Oliger (I'm guessing on the spelling here - so hope I got it right!!!)
Natalie and Mike again
Debbi, Eve and Mark
Kevin and his Father-In-Law - Pat during the White Elephant gift exchange
Eve and Fr. Jesse...  Think Fr. just stole Eve's White Elephant gift....
Mike with his string of Texaco Pump Christmas lights
Natalie and Susannah - Tell me they're not Cousins!
Eve and Debbi opening the Nativity Set they got from Fr. Jesse
Eve Stryk...  In the background - Natalie thanks Debbi for her gift
Wade modeling the new jacket his Aunt Joanie gave him
Joanie with her Nativity Set from Fr. Jesse
Pat and Eve
Mom opening gifts
Shaun, Kelly, Mike and Natalie
Michelle and Aaron
Mark Stryk - Keeping an eye on everything
Eve and Leah
Patrick and Natalie
Patrick and Susannah
The President (Joanie) and Master-At-Arms (Pat) of this family - laying down the rules for White Elephant Gift Exchange
Ok - Here's the Rules.  Anyone complaining will have to pray the Rosary!
Wade, Eve and Pat
Mom drew #1 so she gets to go first in the White Elephant Gift Exchange
Natalie likes the shoe holder Mike got... Keep It - Keep It - Keep It... then give it to me!
Shaun and Kelly.  Shaun's cooking up a plan here to get and keep the Wine / Shot glasses someone opened
Nicole showing what she got in the White Elephant
Eve opening her White Elephant Gift
Shaun scores the Wine/Shot glasses and gets a Hi-5 from Wade.  They've been stolen 3 times so they're retired to him.
Eve laughing at Shaun's successful scheming
Pat, Debbi and Wade after Shaun gets the glasses
Michelle and Aaron
Sue and Natalie - cooking up a strategy of their own
Debbi opening her White Elephant gift
Sue - trying to give directions to Daisy
Mike Stryk
Hey Michelle - If there's toothpaste - then there must be a frog!
Oh Noooooo....  It's the Frog
Pat - Once again explaining the rules.... Wade's getting everyone's attention and Eve listening intently
Aaron's got the Lazy Susan (No - Not you Susannah!)
Patrick - explaining how cool (NOT) it is to have one of the highest numbers.
Michelle and Aaron scheming - how to keep the Lazy Susan from being stolen
Michelle and Aaron still scheming
Kevin and Leah cooking up a plan
Ooops - they just realized that Aaron and Michelle have retired the Lazy Susan
And the agony of defeat
Good sports - they recognize that Aaron and Michelle beat them to the Lazy Susan
Yup.... We got the Lazy Susan!
Mom, Pat and Eve
Susannah and Natalie - still working on their plan
Mike (WWP) Oliger
Pat opening his White Elephant 'survival kit' which was put under the tree by his brother Mike
Pat still opening the Survival Kit... Underwear?
Debbi and Eve still watching as Pat finds more 'stuff' in the Survival Kit
Wade and Eve are getting a big laugh watching Mike as Pat sorts though the Survival Box
Fr. Jesse - Watching Pat open the Survival Kit
Pat sincerely thanking Mike for the wonderful Survial Kit
Mike Stryk - It's better to give than receive (Especially when it's the Survival Kit!)
Roger opening his gift
Mark and Aaron
Pat - I can't believe my brother put Yarn in the White Elephant!
Mark - opening his gift.
Mom looks on as Fr. Jesse and Joanie do some scheming
Nicole and Mark
Patrick and Kayli
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