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Christmas with the Stryk family at Roger and Joanie's.  Mike was in from Atlanta, Pat and Eve came down from Marble Falls, and  Natalie and Chad came over from San Marcus to join the rest of us for Christmas Dinner and Gift Exchange.  We missed Keven and Leah - (Hope you're over the flu Leah and are able to enjoy the rest of your Christmas!)
Patricks new puppy - Jali (Pronounced like Holly) hanging out in the back yard while we open gifts
Debbi with her sister's (Lisa) little baby Jenna
Jenna beign fed by Debbi, Mom and Mark
Mike and mom cooking the Shrimp Creole and the home made Chicken Noodle Soup
Pat and Eve
Wade and Tiffany on the couch and Joanie with Jesse standing behind
Mark with Jenna admiring the pretty wraping paper and ribbons
Joanie, Patrick, Kelly, Nicole, Natalie with Shaun and Aaron standing behind
Pat and Joanie
Wade and Tiffany
Aaron and Susannah
Nicole, Susannah and Natalie modeling their matching gloves and hats
Nicole, Susannah and Natalie modeling their matching gloves and hats
Mike and Jesse
Aaron and Mark
Pat and Wade
David with Jali
Susannah, Eve and Debbi
Natalie and Chad
Joanie and Mom - opening gifts
Mike opening his new Rockets shirt
Nicole opening her new white gold ear rings from her Uncle Mike
Shaun and Kelly - looking at the photo's their Uncle Jesse gave them
Sue got some new shoes
Mike trying on his new Super Bowl jacket
After exchanging gifts within the family - we had our annual White Elephant gift exchange.  I think we set a record - it almost took 2 hours.  As you can tell from the photo's - we had a Great Time with this game even though we never really know the rules!!! :-)
Joanie rounding up everyone for the White Elephant Gift Exchange... It's all Happening!
The Executive Committee (Debbi, Eve and Joanie) discussing the rules
The Executive Committee (Debbi, Eve and Joanie) discussing the rules - Mark's starting to sneak in for a listen!
Now Mark - is that any way to show respect for a member of the Executive Committee???
Chase Nelson and Patrick - Chase just drew the lucky # 1
Pat Stryk - Master at Arms laying down the law
Debbi and Eve - Something cracked them up!
Group shot - Chase Nelson discussing the finer points of stealing gifts.
Mom and Kelly
Tiffany and Natalie discussing what gift Chad should steal for them
Mike watching Patrick open a bag of bath gel's, creams, and all kinds of other stuff soon to be traded off
Aaron Stryk - running on the reform platform promises that if elected - he'll clearly articulate and document the rules for White Elephant in time for next years celebration. 
Shaun and Kelly
Mom and Joanie hooting it up
Jesse explaining the finer points of gift stealing to Shaun
Eve consoles Debbi after she gets her gift stolen
Mark thinking .....  Now what is this and what am I going to do with it?
Nicole and Natalie laughing as Tiffany opens 'this year's frog wanna-be'....  A new toothbrush holder
Tiffany scopes out the available gifts to see which one she should steal
Tiffany managed to dump her gift off on Uncle Pat (You can see he's thrilled)
Jesse on the prowl - looking for a gift
Patrick - doing his part to make sure everyone follows the rules
Joanie, Pat, Wade and Tiffany
Looks like everyone is pointing!
Joanie and Pat
Joanie and Pat
Chase and Patrick
Chase and Patrick
Debbi got the Grinch and wants to hold on to it!
Joanie and Pat - guess they're trying to restore order to this whole deal... :-)
Natalie and Joanie discussing life, the universe and everything
Nicole and Patrick - Nicole's showing off the necklas she got from her Uncle Mike
Mark - he's giving a speech about how his sister (Joanie) has shown him the error of his ways and that he won't take part in Cat Tossing competition's any more... (or something like that :-)
Mom - just having a great time
Jesse wondering - How did I ever get hooked up with this family!!!
Sue and Natalie
Patrick, Mike and Nicole
Eve and Aaron - practicing their numbers
Eve, Aaron and Debbi
Pat Stryk asking for a show of hands - Who see's the bird on on my head?
Wade and Tiffany think the bird looks pretty funny on Pat's head
Now Joanie's got the bird on her head!
Tiffany and Sue
Patrick, Nicole, Tiffany and Sue
Natalie got caught sneaking a peek as one of the gifts *(Well..... sort of)
Mike and Nicole
Mike, Nicole and Sue through the Christmas Tree
Patrick, Nicole and Tiffany
Mike and Nicole
Jesse - looking to steal another gift
Shaun showing Nicole the Texans Glasses and the Lottery Tickets
Chase Nelson
Eve and Debbi
Shaun and Kelly - Shawn's trying to figure out how to hang on to the Texans Glasses
Wade and Tiffany
Nicole, Tiffany and Natalie
Kelly and Mom
Nicole and Natalie - Scheming
Shaun and Kelly
Shaun and Mom - No secrets here!