Canada - 2007

Katie and Joseph's wedding was planned for July21st in Powell River British Columbia. (Actually it was nearer to Lund BC but more about that later.)  Hank and Alice, Sara, and Joanie, Nicole, Natalie and I all arranged to join in the celebration.  We all were on different schedules.  Hank and Alice arrived on the 20th and left on 24th several days after the wedding.  Sara arrived on the 14th, spent some time with Anne in Vancouver before they both traveled to Powell River on the 17th.  Natalie, Nicole, Joanie and I Arrived in Vancouver on the 13th - spent a few hours with Anne before heading off to Tofino on the western edge of Victoria Island.  After vacationing a few days, we met up with the rest of the family in Powell River on the 17th.


Tofino is on the Western edge of Victoria Island.  We left Anne and Vancouver in the evening - in time to catch the last ferry to Victoria Island.  From there it was a three hour drive to Tofino.  We arrived at our beach house at 3:00am.  We spent 4 days in Tofino - we walked some rainforests, walked some beaches, collected some shells, shopped some shops and ate some awesome food.  Some of us saw our first Eagle while walking some of the trails in the rainforests.  The weather was mixed - some overcast / drizzle, but some beautiful sunny times too.  One afternoon on long beach a fog rolled in (and out again).  This is common in many areas but it's not something we see here in Texas very often.  When we left Tofino - we drove across the Island to the Comox to catch the ferry to Powell River.  On the way we stopped to photo a Black Bear on the side of the road.