Canada - 2007

Katie and Joseph's wedding was planned for July21st in Powell River British Columbia. (Actually it was nearer to Lund BC but more about that later.)  Hank and Alice, Sara, and Joanie, Nicole, Natalie and I all arranged to join in the celebration.  We all were on different schedules.  Hank and Alice arrived on the 20th and left on 24th several days after the wedding.  Sara arrived on the 14th, spent some time with Anne in Vancouver before they both traveled to Powell River on the 17th.  Natalie, Nicole, Joanie and I Arrived in Vancouver on the 13th - spent a few hours with Anne before heading off to Tofino on the western edge of Victoria Island.  After vacationing a few days, we met up with the rest of the family in Powell River on the 17th.


Joanie had made us reservations at an awesome beach house she found halfway between Powell River (where Katie and Joseph live) and Lund (where the wedding and reception will be).  We arrived in Powell River to a beautiful sunset seen from Katie and Joseph's yard.  We spent the days prior to the wedding sight-seeing and helping with the wedding plans, cleaning houses and clearing trails.     One afternoon (on Natalie's Birthday) we took the water taxi across to Savory Island.  The weather almost cooperated - the sun poked out a few times - but it was chilly and overcast for the most part.  We spent a few hours on the beach watching gulls and an eagle then came back to the beach house.  We cooked up a bunch of food and had 20 or so folks over for a combination Rehearsal / Natalie Birthday dinner.