Natalie, Nicole, Joanie and I went to Vancouver B.C. this year for Spring Break to visit Anne, Karen, Katie and Joseph.  We flew into Seattle on a Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the day and part of Sunday seeing Seattle.  Sunday afternoon we drove North across the border and hooked up with Anne, Katie and Karen.  I was going to list all our activities but I was having trouble remembering all the detail.... Then I remembered that Anne summarized them in an email the day after the trip.  Here it is...


4ish -- Houston co. + Allan and Karen went to shop on Commercial Drive while Katie and Anne were teaching music.


8pm -- dinner at Tomato Restaurant (where Katie had her food practicum.)

10pm -- drove up to Burnaby Mountain for night view of city



10ish -- ate Katie's muffins with fruit at Anne's

noonish - 2ish --- Capilano suspension bridge + treetop thingy (Roger, N&N, Karen).    Joanie, Katie and Anne went to Capilano dam and walked around the park area.  Afterward - we all went to Bloedel Floral Conservatory

3ish --- ate "lunch" at IncognEATo.

4ish --- Anne stayed home to rest while everyone else went downtown to Robson Street


7ish --- pasta, sushi, salad at Anne's

Tuesday   rainy --- heavy snow on mountain!

8ish -- Anne's breakfast

11ish --- Mount Seymore:       

ˇ         Karen and Natalie go snowboarding till 3

ˇ         Anne goes with Joanie and Roger to discover that tubing can't happen for a while

ˇ         we drive Katie and Nicole to Granville Island http://www.aviewoncities.com/vancouver/granville.htm

ˇ         5 of us have lunch there and then Roger, Joanie and Anne leave K&N at Granville Island to bus back at their leisure.  We try again for tubing.  Get talked out of it.  Go back to Anne's house and discover that Karen and Natalie are almost there too.  (it's 4ish now.)  Nicole and Katie arrive about half hour later.

ˇ         Go for gelato http://www.foodvancouver.com/restaurant-review.php?restaurant=59

7:30 catch ferry to Powell River

8:30ish --Subway dinner in Gibson's just after 1st ferry ride

Wednesday   VERY VERY STORMY & WINDY!!!!!

Karen works today  (power goes out about noon for a couple of hours.)

10ish ---  Katie, N&N, J&R shop on Marine Drive.  Visit Windspirit Art Gallery.  http://www.windspirit.com/april/

noonish ---  drive to Lund.  Eat at Nancy's bakery  (yummy & wonderful).  Storm slows.  It's beautiful!  Go to art gallery.

8ish --  Eat dinner at Granada (Greek food) with Joseph (YEAH!!!) , go to Gibson Beach to see the stars after all the wind today, then take Karen home and the rest of us go to a bar for a short while.

Thursday  SNOW OVERNIGHT!  Beautiful day - sunny


ˇ         Katie cooks dinner for her client

ˇ         Karen works

ˇ         Roger and Anne go for walk south of town

ˇ         Joanie, Natalie and Nicole go shopping along Marine drive some more

noon - 2pm ---  lunch (all of us!  Joseph's brother, Robin, looks after the store) at Future Chef's Café at Brooks High School - where Katie got her chef training.

3-6pm  --- Katie, Joanie, Roger, Natalie and Nicole go showshoeing.  They go to Gibson's Beach for sunset pictures.  Anne visits her friends who have the new baby.

7-9pm --- Katie, Natalie and Nicole make dinner for everyone.  Roger and Joanie go to hotel to rest.  Anne and Karen go to Karen's to rest.

9-11 --  dinner at Katie and Joseph's.  Hair braiding.....  sang Happy Birthday to Karen.

Friday  sunny / cloudy / cool / snow still on ground

6am --  We all drive over to Katie's to pick up the muffins and cranberry / white chocolate bars she's made for us.

7:30 --- catch ferry to Vancouver.

12:30ish --- Roger and family drive to Seattle  (bye!)

Saturday/Sunday:  Houston - Seattle - Vancouver: We flew out of Houston on Saturday March 4th and Arrived Seattle about 1:30 in the Afternoon.  One of the items on the agenda for Seattle was shopping at Pikes Market.  On Sunday - we left for Vancouver about noon and really enjoyed the beautiful drive.  Sunday night we had dinner with Anne, Karen, Katie and Allen then we drove up to Burnaby Mountain for a view of the city...

Nicole and Natalie waiting for the flight in the Houston AirportJoanie and Roger waiting for the flight in the Houston Airport - Were all pretty tired since we've been up all night packingJoanie at Lunch at a resteraunt in Pikes MarketJoanie Natalie and Nicole shoppingA night shot in downtown SeattleA view on the road to VancouverDown town Vancouver from Burnaby Mountain

Monday - Capilano: On Monday Nicole, Natalie, Karen and I went to the Capilano Suspension bridge.  There are bridges among the tops of trees as well as paths on the ground through the trees.  It was absolutely beautiful.  While we were there, Joanie, Anne and Katie went hiking the trails around Capilano Dam.  From the pictures I say there scenery was just as beautiful...

The Suspension bridge at the entrance to CapilanoKatie on the trails around Capilano DamAnne and Katie Nicole - at the gift shop <grin>Katie looking through a hollow logKatie standing next to a really really really tall treeNatalie, Karen and Nicole at the suspension bridgeNicole in the treesKaren on the bridgeNatalie and Nicole Nicole, Natalie and Karen crossing one of the bridgesKaren, Nicole and NatalieNicole and NatalieMore tall treesNatalieKaren found a spot on the platform where the underlying rock poked through.  Guess they misjudged when building this particular platformNatalie in the treesA bird we saw when hikinga little waterfallGreen trees with green mossNicole Karen and Natalie on the bridgeAnne and Katie

Monday - Bloedel Conservatory: From Capilano - we went to the Bloedel Floral Conservatory.  We only had about 45 minutes before closing but we enjoyed the birds and flowers. 

The grounds outside the conservatoryAnne Karen Roger Natalie Joanie Katie and NicoleNatalie and Nicole taking picturesAnneJoanieRogerNicole and Natalie

Monday&Tuesday: When we left the conservatory we followed a rainbow for a while.  Later Joanie Nicole Katie Karen Natalie and I went down town for some shopping then went back to Anne's for a home cooked pasta dinner... Yum Yum!!.  Tuesday morning we went to Anne's for breakfast then drove Natalie and Karen up to Mt. Seymour for some snowboarding. The rest of us drove back down to Vancouver, drove through Stanley Park and had lunch on Granville Island.

Karen and Joanie in downtown VancouverJoanie enjoying Pasta a-la AnneKatieRoger and AnneJoanie and KarenKatie brading Nicole's hairDriviing up to Mt Seymour so Natalie and Karen can go snowboardingA view from Stanley ParkStanley Park

Tues/Wed and Thurs: Powell River: Tuesday evening we again loaded up into the Excursion and headed out for Powell River (with a couple of ferries on the way).  Wednesday was a rainy stormy day but we drove out to Lund and made a stop at Gibson's Beach on the way back.  On Thursday morning Anne and I went for a walk on Marine drive and points south of town. 

Katie Karen Nicole and Natalie - going for a walk while waiting for the first ferry enroute to Powell RiverKatie Karen Joanie and Nicole taking a walk waiting for the ferry.A night shot near the ferryA restaurant in LundNatalie at Gibsons BeachNatalie at Gibsons BeachGibsons BeachRoger and Joanie - self portraitNatalie Joanie and Nicole - freezing!A tree farm near Gibsons BeachToo Much Partying!Anne at Willingdon BeachKatie and Joseph's house (and office)

Snowshoeing: Thursday afternoon Katie took Nicole, Natalie, Joanie and I snowshoeing.  What a blast - too bad we got off to a late start but we enjoyed getting a taste of it.  On the way home we stopped at Gibson's Beach again for more photos.  The last stop was the best - Dinner at Joseph and Katie's.

  Natalie getting ready for snowshoeingNicole getting ready for snowshoeingNatalie getting ready for snowshoeingRoger getting ready for snowshoeingJoanie Katie Nicole and NatalieLooking back down the hillJoanieRogerKatieNatalie and NicoleJoanieJoanie and Nicole close - Natalie and Katie up a waysJoanie and KatieNicoleNatalie making snow anglesNatalie making snow anglesThe path most traveledKatie and Joanie close - Natalie and Nicole up a waysSunset on the way home from SnowshoeingGibsons BeachDinner at Joseph and Katies

Friday - Heading Home: Early Friday morning Katie cooked us breakfast then Anne Joanie Nicole Natalie Karen and I headed back to Vancouver.  We had a wonderful ferry ride on the way with clouds, sun and birds entertaining us.  From Vancouver - Joanie Natalie Nicole and I headed back to Seattle and eventually on back to Houston. 

On the road to the ferryOn the road to the ferryOn the road to the ferryDUCK!From the ferryFrom the ferryFrom the ferryFrom the ferryFrom the ferryFrom the ferryFrom the ferryJoanie and Nicole on the ferryRoger and Anne