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Aidan In a Tree at Spencers Campground in San Marcos
Sarah In a Tree at Spencers Campground in San Marcos
New Braunfels had record rains this summer over Jul 4th weekend virtually closing the Guadalupe for Tubing until Next spring.  Damage was extreme - Click Here to a link to some aerial photos during the flood.   So - for our annual Labor Day camping / tubing trip we stayed at Spencers campground and Canoe Rental in San Marcos.  The campground was nice even though the owner referred to our mode of transportation as "communistic donuts"... Oh those purists who can only tolerate canoe's and kayaks on a river!  We had a small group - Rob and Theresa with Aidan, Sarah and Madison as well as Joanie and I.  Natalie and friends made it for day trips.  We tubed the San Marcos on Saturday and drove to New Braunfels to tube the Comel on Sunday.   We had fun - but we sure missed having everyone there.  Didn't take many pictures - but here's what we have.
Madison in a tree at Spencers Campground in San Marcos
Sarah and Madison
Joanie...  Long story - she'll have to explain
Joanie and Theresa
Da Rivva
Theresa, Rob and Joanie
Sarah - learning how the camcorder works