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Some of Patrick's friends (John, Levy, Buzzy and Cody) have a band which play a few local spots.  This summer they played at Miss Margies in Booth (a little town  a mile south of our house).  There's a little restaurant and outside beer garden there - great for outside entertainment.   Joanie and I, Shaun, Kelly and Nicole were there to represent.  (Most of the 'Belmont Clan' and other Lamar families were there too.)
John on Guitar, Buzzy on Drums, Levy on Guitar and Cody on Bass
Shaun and Kelly
Nicole - chillin with a cold one
Roger - just chillin
Levy singing
Nicole, Kelly, Shaun and Joanie
John (Now Patrick's roomie in College Station) singing
Buzzy on Drums
Cody - doing the Bass thing
Levy and Buzzy
John Logan
Levy, Buzzy, John and Cody
Kelly, Nicole and Shaun
Kelly, Nicole and Joanie - Whooping it up