Roger's Sisters Visit Texas

Anne, Sara, Hank and Roger all have birthdays in Jan/Feb.  This year we decided to celebrate them together.  Anne came down from Vancouver British Colombia and Sara from Cincinnati Ohio.  We had most of 6 days together to just catch up on things - we'd not all been together since Roger and Joanie's wedding.

Anne Sara and Hank looking at old family picturesA hawk that visited us regurlarly throughout the weekThe Cat patrol (LucyFur visiting her outdoor friends)A morning walk (Sara's trying to figure out what Anne and Joanie think they're holding!)Sara reading the Duck Tape bookMore Pictures (Hank Anne and Mom)LucyFur in one of her favorite spotsRoger Hank Anne and Sara - at Marco's for dinnerHank and SaraMom and AnneWe serve no Wine before it's  timeLucyFur found a new favorite place in this shoe box which she ALMOST fits inAnne teaching mom how to play double solitareAnne and LucyLucyFur - Bird watchingAnne asking permission to be excusedHank and Alice brought their tandom bike over and it got quit a bit of useHank and Anne at Enchanted ForestSara and Joanie at Enchanted Forest

Laff'n At Dinner

Hey Granny - we both look like unicorns and we have flowers growing out of our head!I'm just so happy to be here - can someone get me another beer?

Harping at Hank'n Alice's

Alice tuning the harpElsie....  Who are all these strange people and what are they doing in my house?Anne playing Happy BirthdayOK Y'all.... Betcha you can't guess what number I'm thinking ofElsie....  Who are all these strange people and what are they doing in my house?

A Beautiful Day at the Pool

Hope I don't get a Bee up my nose!Joanie floating in the hot tubHummm..... ?