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Dec 27, 2010: Been facebooking most of my pictures - and my FTP tool quit working when i upgraded to Windows 7.  Enough of the excuses - I made a dent in some of the year's pic's but i'll try to get the rest up soon.
Sept 18, 2009: 
Added links to our February birthday celebration, the Holy Rosary annual charity acution, and the Baptism of our granddaughter Brooke which were taken earlier this year.
Sep 10, 2009:  Posting pictures from Joanie and Roger's Colorado Vacation. 
Jul 12, 2009: Once again, playing catchup loading pictures.  Posting Wade and Meghan's destination wedding - Dec 2008 in Cozumel, Christmas - 2008, A couple of river trips (Easter and Memorial Day 2009), and July 4th 2009.  Other pictures between then/now will be posted later.
Feb 06, 2009: 
Got around to adding more pictures today.  We've got some pictures from Hurricane IKE, pictures from Patrick's and from Shaun/Kellys birthdays, Pic's from Thanksgiving and Pictures From Michael's 2nd Birthday.  Of special note... Pictures from Shaun/Kelly's birthday and later have pictures of our latest grandchild - Brooke!
Sep 06, 2008: 
Added various pictures which have been gathering since November of 2007.
Sep 06, 2008: 
Posted pictures from the Labor Day trip to New Braunfels.
Aug 22, 2008:
Posted more pictures today. David Reed and Allison Hudec's wedding;  An 80's party that Nicole, Patrick and Natalie/Stephen went to; Mothers day, Wade and Meghan's Engagement dinner; Natalie's Dental Graduation, New Braunfels on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Joanie's Birthday.
Jul 27, 2008: Posted pictures from Lance's Retirement and from Nicole's 27th birthday.  For Nicole - A bunch of us celebrated at her birthday at Colina's for dinner on Apr 12th.  The next day we hung out at the pool (And visited with our grandson!). 
Lance's retirement was at the Naval Base in Norfolk Va.  What an awsome ceremony!  It was the highlight of a wonderful roadtrip.  (If you've never taken a roadtrip with Joanie's family then you just don't know what you're missing - we laughed 'till our faces hurt!)

Jul 22, 2008: 
Hey Patrick - see we really do use our pictures!!! Just because it's been more than 1/2 a year - at least we got some of them put up on the Web!  At least i'm only 4 months behind now :-)
Nov 25, 2007:
We posted pictures today from the last two months.  The pic's include New Braunfels trip on Labor Day, A girls night out at the Austin City Limits concert, An Enagement party for Allison Hudec and David Reed, Johnathan Nice's 30th Birthday party in Lafayette, Doc Grifin's 80th Birthday Party, Mike and Chandra's annual Halloween party, And some miscellaneous pic's which include the latest Grand Kid Pics! You can access them all from the links to the right. 
Oct 2, 2007: 
Leah and Shannon got married on September 22 in Austin Texas.  Check the links to the right for pictures.
Sep 6, 2007: 
Posted two new pages today - first is just a bunch of miscallaneous pics taken over the last year or so.  The other is some of the recent pictures of our grandson!  Both pages are available from links to the right.
Aug 16, 2007: 
Playing a bit of catch up again.  Over Memorial Day weekend we took our usual tubing trip on the Guadalupe in New Braunfels.  It rained a bunch but we did get three floats in before we had to evacuate.  I've also posted pictures from the 4th of July and from Natalie's 24th birthday party.
Aug 5, 2007: 
We went to Canada in Mid July for my neice's wedding.  We tacked on a vacation so i've loaded three pages here.  Use the links to the right to see pictures from our time in Tofino, Powell River and the wedding itself.
Jun 1, 2007: 
We just put a lot of pictures up - too many different ones to mention here... Use the links to the right.
Dec 20, 2006: 
We just put a lot of pictures up - too many different ones to mention here... Use the links to the right. 
Aug 21, 2006: I Went to a Software testing conference (yeah - right) last may in Las Vegas.  Joanie took a few days off and joined me.  Vegas certainly is a 24 hour city - and it has a lot of colorful buildings.  Click here for pictures.
Aug 9, 2006:
Nicole turned 25 on April 12 this year.  Click here for pictures.
Aug 8, 2006:
We celebrate quite a few birthday's in February.  This year we celebrated Mike Griffin's on his birthday (Click Here for Pictures).  Then some members of this family decided to have a surprise party for Chandra and Rogers (Click here for Pictures).  This year - Easter fell in the middle of April.  We had good weather and a reasonable river flow for our toobing trip (Click here for Pictures)
Apr 8, 2006:
Once again I'm playing catchup... Shuan and Kelly hosted their annual Super Bowl party on Feb 5th.  Click here for pictures.
Apr 1, 2006:
Joanie Nicole Natalie and I went to Vancouver BC to visit Anne Katie and Karen for a week.  We had such a great time.  Click here for Pics.
Feb 12, 2006:
Last month Joanie and I spent an afternoon at Brazos Bend State Park - Click Here for pictures.
Jan 23, 2006:
I processed and posted the christmas pictures today.  We celebrated Christmas with Joanie's family a bit early this year but it was fun as usual.  Click here for pictures.  We also have pictures from our family christmas - Christmas eve and Christmas morning.  Click here for these.
Nov 18:
It's a rainy day today so I took the time to update some more pages.  Click Here for pictures from Halloween, Joanie's birthday, Shaun's birthday and a few other pictures.  Click Here for an Urban Safari - Just shows you don't have to leave home to see the wild kingdom.  Click here for pictures from the Labor Day New Braunfels trip.
Nov 14, 2005:
Natalie graduated from Texas State (formerly South West Texas) this August. (The last year was actually her first year at UTHSCSA combining final undergrad year whit her first year of dental school).  Click here for pictures.
Nov 9, 2005:
Natalie celebrated her 22nd birthday in July this year.  She managed to find a free few hours between studying so Joanie, Nicole, Shaun, Kelly and Patrick were there to take her to dinner. Click here for Pic's
Sep 23, 2005:
Hurricane Rita has been tracking toward the Texas/Louisiana coast this week.  Mom broke her hip earlier this week and is in the Hospital - so we really didn't want to leave town.  We spent the last few days getting ready for the storm.  Shaun and Kelly got their house boarded up - helped us with ours then joined us for the weekend.  Looks like Rita's moving further away but we're ready!   Click here for pictures.
Jul 4, 2005: 
Ok - so I'm playing catchup again.  I'm way behind on pictures.  Click Here for pictures from the river trip from Easter.  Click Here for pictures from Nicole's 24th birthday.
Mar 11, 2005:
On Feb 5th Natalie's dental school had an open house to let parents and friends get an idea of what it's like to be a dental student.  Click here for pictures.  On Feb 6th Shaun and Kelly hosted their annual Super Bowl party.  Click here for pictures.  Roger's sisters came to visit he and Hank for a week in the middle of February.  Click here for pictures..
Jan 23, 2005:
What a beautiful day we had today.  We took several pictures of the birds and squirrils in our yard.  Click here
Jan 2, 2005:
We sorted out the Christmas pictures today.  There's two sets... Click Here for  Christmas with the Stryk family when Mike and Brenda were in from Georgia.  Click Here for our traditional Christmas Eve and Morning with our immediate family. 
Dec 29: 
Nicole graduated from the University of Houston on December 16th.  Click here for pictures.
Dec 3:
Put up a lot of pictures today... Rob, Theresa, Johnathan, Amy and my God Daughter Hanna visited back in October.  Click here for pictures. 
Back in November - Josh and Angela got married. 
Click Here for pictures of the reception. 
Natalie and a bunch of her friends celebrated the night before Thanksgiving here at the house. 
Click here for pictures.  
We had the family here on Thanksgiving evening for dinner. 
Click here for pictures. 
We had a surprise party for Nicole's upcoming graduation. 
Click here for pictures.
Nov 9:
Halloween pictures are here.  Some of us wish they wern't :-)  Click Here.
Nov 1:
Mom has been collecting old pictures to share with relatives.  I've been scanning them, cleaning them up and printing them for her.  I don't know who everyone is - but I'll fill in the blanks as I find out.  Click here for pictures.
Oct 9: 
Added a couple more pictures to the family page and more cat pictures on the pets page.  Click here
Oct 8: 
Shaun and Kelly had their annual party at their house to watch the Texan's season opener.  This was on September 12th but I'm only just getting the pictures up now.  The Texan's lost the game but we had a good time anyway.  Click Here for Pictures. 
Patrick turned 19 on October 4th.  Joanie and I, Nicole, and Shaun and Kelly went up to College Station to celebrate with Pat and a few of his friends. 
Click Here for pictures
Sep 12:
We had our annual Labor Day weekend on the Guadlupe last weekend.  A great time as usual.  Hank and Rob both sent me pictures so I added them to ours.  Click Here for pictures.
Sep 11:
Finally getting around to adding pictures from the last several months.  Click Here for pictures from Nicole's 23rd Birthday dinner back in April!  Click Here for pictures from Miss Margies in Booth where we drank some beer and listened to a band.  Click Here for pictures from our July 16th New Braunfels weekend. Click Here for pictures from Natalie's 21st birthay in San Antonio.  Click Here for pictures from Joanie's 50th birthday.  Click Here for pictures from Mom's 82nd birthday.
June 28:
Added a few random pictures to the Family Pictures page.
June 26:
More pictures posted today.  Click here for pictures from Patrick's Senior Prom.  Click here for Pictures from Patricks Graduation and ProGrad.  Click here for pictures from Joanie's and my trip to Pennsylvania and Washington DC.
June 10: 
Click here for pictures from Nicole's induction into the National Honor Society for Psychology.
June 09: 
I've finally gotten a chance to get back to pictures.  Today I processed and posted the pictures from our river trip last Easter.  Click Here for pictures.
Feb 22:
We are really enjoying watching the birds from our windows - Click here for a sampling.
Feb 20:
We celebrated all the Feburary birthdays in one go earlier this month.  Click Here for pictures.
Dec 22:
We celebrated Christmas at our house with the Stryk family on December 20th.  Mike and Mom made the Shrimp Creole and the Chicken Noodle soup.  We ate, exchanged gifts then had the White Elephant gift exchange.  Click Here for pictures (There's a lot of pictures here so you may need to 'Refresh' a couple of times to get'em all..
Dec 22: Joanie got tickets to the Rockets game against the Clippers on December 19th.  We had VIP passes to the Lexus lounge and were able to take pictures with a few of the Rockets.  Click Here to see the pictures. 
Nov 30: Joanie and I had Thanksgiving dinner at our house with Mom, Shaun, Kelly, Nicole, David, Natalie, Patrick, Mike, Chandra and Shaun's friend - Stephen - Click here for pictures.
Nov 30:
Cats....We bought an 18 week old Persian cat which we call Lucifer (Apparently he looks like the cat on Cinderella).  Lucifer will be an indoor cat.  We also brought two kittens from Mom's house to be outdoor cats once they grow a bit.  Click here for the "Pet Page"
Oct 30:
First - Let me say happy birthday to Kelly.  We celebrated her's and Shaun's birthday (Oct 23rd) last Friday, Oct 25th, but today is Kelly's actual birthday.  (It would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday too.... Happy Birthday Dad!).  We had the family here and cooked up some fajitas for Shaun and Kelly's birthday - Click Here for pictures.   The next day (Saturday Oct 26th), Mike and Chandra hosted their annual Haloween Party.   Click Here for pictures.
Oct 18:
Kathy Mandery sent us some pictures from Nathan's 1st birthday.  It reminded me that we had some sent to us previously (not sure who sent them to us) of  Eyan and Analycia from early this year.  I added both sets of pictures to our Family Page.  You can use the 'Family Pictures' link to the right or simply Click Here.
Oct 17:
Patrick turned 18 this year.  He celebrated his birthday at our house - watching the Baseball playoff's, the Texas A&M game, and playing domino's with all his friends.  Mike and Chandra, Shaun and Kelly, Nicole and David and Natalie and Chad were here as well.  We only took a few pictures though - Click here.
Oct 14:
Click here for a few Random pictures.  Some are of water fowl along the Slough in Royal Lakes - another is of a small funnel cloud and the final is of a bird food eating squirril.
Oct 04:
On Sep 7th the Texan's played their first game of the season.  Shaun and Kelly had family and friends over for the game - Click here for pictures.  The next weekend - we moved into our house.  Shaun, Patrick and Nicole rounded up their friends to help.  Natalie was in from San Marcos, Pat (Joanie's brother) came down from Marble Falls and Hank and Alice joined in as well.  Click here for pictures.
Sept 02:
New pictures put up today.   We added a few to the end of the family page - and added a finished picture of the house.  Click here for pictures from our annual Labor Day camping trip to New Braunfels last weekend.
Aug 23: 
We've been busy the last month or so.  Joanie has been working in Austin coming home on weekends - she's transitioning the State Dept. of Ed to Houston as an outsourced entity of Harris Co. Dept of Ed.  While this is going on - we are in the process of closing on our house.  Hopefully things will settle down soon.  I finally got around to Natalie's (and Joanie's) Birthday pictures.  Only a few but here they are.  Click Here for Natalie's pictures and Click Here for Joanie's pictures.
July 18:
Updated the sports page - added pictures from Lamar All Star Big League Game against Victoria.  Click Here for Pictures.
July 11: 
Mike came to town again this year for the fourth of July.  We spent a couple of days here in Richmond - then a couple of days at Pat and Eve's in Marble Falls.  Click here for pictures.  Also during the weekend - Joanie and I found a new dog.  "Marty" was just walking up Avenue I in Rosenburg.  We've not found his owner yet - so we may be able to keep him.  Click here to see our 'pet page' for pictures of Marty (you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page.)
July 10: Congradulations to Nicole for making the Dean's List!!!  Click Here.
June 25: 
Joanie and I were on vacation last week.  We drove to Cincinnati for the weekend and Joe's Graduation from UC on the 15th, then drove to Missouri for a few days of camping and fishing.  Click here for pictures.
May 13: 
We spent last weekend at Pat and Eve's house in Marble Falls Tx.  Click here for pictures.
May 3: 
We've been pretty busy these last few months.  In February - we celebrated multiple birthdays - (Mike, Kayli, Roger, Hank and Chandra).  Click here for a few birthday pictures.
We also did our annual camping trip to New Braunfels on Easter. 
Click here for Pictures.
Nicole turned 22. 
Click here for pictures from her birthday dinner.
Lamar had their Junior Senior Prom. 
Click here for pictures.
And finally - we broke ground on our new house. 
Click Here (or check the "Our New House" link to the right for regular updates on the progress.
Mar 29: 
We added more pictures from Lamar varsity baseball. Click Here for the Sports Page.
Mar 1:
Shaun and Kelly were Married on February 15th. Click Here for Pictures.
Mar 1:
Adding a few pictures taken at Shaun and Kelly's superbowl party. Click here for Pictures.
Mar 1:
Added a few pictures to the family page today. Click here.  Some of the pictures were from Mike Stryk - Pictures of Kim, Shane and the kids.  Others were pets and critters in our back yard.  If you're not interested in these - at least check out this single picture of a squirril in our back yard - It's a hoot!
Dec 29:
All the kids were here on Christmas Eve through to Christmas Day. Click here for the Kids Gift exchange on Christmas Eve and All the Santa Action on Christmas Morning.
Dec 29:
We celebrated our Family Christmas at Debbi and Marks on Saturday Dec 21.  Mike Stryk was in from Atlanta and Pat, Eve, Kevin and Leah were here from Austin. Click Here for pictures.
Dec 29:
Shaun's fiancee (Kelly Heisler) graduated from A&M on Friday December 20th. Click Here for pictures.
Dec 29:
Roger's sister (Sara) came to visit her borthers in Houston on December 6th. Click here for pictures from our road trip to Luckenbach and Enchanted Rock.
Nov 29:
Shaun and Kelly will get married on Feb 15.  The bridesmaids gave a lingerie wedding shower and Eve and Debbi gave a couples shower. Click Here for pictures from both.
Nov 8:
Lamar Played their final game of the season against Terry on November 9th. Click Here for pictures of the game or Click Here to go to the Sports Page.
Nov 3:
Shaun and Kelly have birthdays 1 week apart.  Shaun's is on Oct 23rd and Kelly's on the 30th. Click Here for pictures from their dinner on Oct 27th at the Saltgrass Steak House
Nov 3:
Greg Utsman (Of the Grutlore Utsmans) got married on October 26th in the San Antonio Hill Country.  Greg and Marcy's wedding was not exactly traditional - but it was one of the most fun weddings we'd been to in a long time. Click Here for pictures (We only took a few - but they should give you a flavor of the wedding.)
Nov 3
: Patrick Turned 17 last month.  He invited fifty or so of his closest friends to celebrate with him here at our house. Click Here for pictures.
3: Mom turned 80 last week. Click here for pictures of her surprise party.
2: Shaun and Kelly had an Engagement Dinner in September hosted by Greg and Debbie Mattingly.  There were about 100 guests in attendence. Click Here for Pictures
Sep 2
7: Hannah Celeste Nyce was Baptised on September 22.  Click here for pictures.
4: Click Here for Pictures of Johnathan and Amy Nyce's new Baby.  Hannah Celeste Nyce was born on July 25th at 6:47pm.  These pictures were  taken the day after her birth.
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